Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Messy Mezzanine!!!

On the mezzanine at work, our very organised workspace!

The Workshop!!!

Wearing my lab coat as I usually do at work!!


My first trip to morrisons in heckmondwike (or something yorkshire sounding). 

Another bed roll!!

Tried to be a bit artistic and got it filmed via the mirror!!! Don't really think I added anything!

Sorry Mum!!

Dad's idea to do a roll on the quite expensive dining room table, lets not tell mum about that one!!!!

Train Station Platform!!

We were waiting for the train to leave, so I ran on to the platform and made myself look an utter pratt!!!

Slow Motion!!

A visit to Nottingham and max had the great idea to do a run-up and then put the video in to slow motion......... honest!!!